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Prepare Students and Teachers for: ABRSM music exams and piano diplomas, aural tests, piano performance and music teaching 為學生和教師做好準備: ABRSM音樂考試和鋼琴文憑, 聆聽測驗,鋼琴演奏,音樂和鋼琴教學

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- Emily, Hong Kong

I have a dream of promoting erhu music to the world by giving erhu lessons to the people from all parts of the world, and this course fulfils my purpose. It teaches me how to set up a music studio which is very essential to my music business. I like its content as it is easy to follow. Moreover, the lecturer Ms Wong is generous to answer my questions and do the follow up through emails. Therefore, I recommend you to take this course if you want to start your music career from scratch!

- Sharon Yu, Erhu Player and Teacher, Hong Kong


- May, Piano Teacher, Hong Kong

Preparing for your music exam or setting up your music teaching studio?

Whether you're a piano student preparing for your upcoming piano diploma exam, a violin student needing help with grade 8 aural test preparation, or you're an aspiring music teacher looking to jumpstart your teaching career - we have something for you on our online music training platform. With step-by-step training videos and lecture notes, our courses will truly help you pass your music exam or bring your performing/music teaching career to the next level.


無論你是鋼琴學生為即將到來的鋼琴文憑考試做準備,需要準備8級聆聽測驗的小提琴學生,或是一位有志於開始教學事業的音樂老師 - 我們都在這個網上音樂培訓平台為你提供了有關課程幫你實踐你的夢想。。通過逐步的培訓視頻和講義,我們的課程能夠真正幫你在音樂考試或音樂教學事業提升到一個新的水平。

"I LOVE the courses. Successful Music Teaching Course is definitely worth it! I now have a full piano teaching studio thanks to Teresa!"

- Sandra, California

"I found the courses in preparation of ABRSM music exams super useful for my students and myself!"

- Brian, Singapore